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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When and where will Bainworks 2021 be held?

    Bainworks will be held on 21st-22nd October 2021. This year we will go virtual, but if restrictions allow, we will make sure to meet with you on a local level.

  • Why is the event virtual and not in person?

    Bain puts the safety and health of our guests and our people first at all times. Unfortunately we currently live in a world where we do not know how safe large group gatherings will be and when they will be allowed again.

    In light of the current situation, we decided to keep this year’s Bainworks as a virtual concept. We aim to offer you an event that will feel like you met the people in person, that you enjoyed a good meal in good company and you had fun with a bunch of people you haven’t met before!

  • In what language will the event be held?
  • Which office should I apply to?

    You can see the offices involved in the event below. Please select the office that you are most interested in learning more about and apply with them. Please apply to only one office and please note that some offices require the fluency in the local language to qualify to apply.

    • Germany – fluency in German
    • Madrid – fluency in Spanish
    • Warsaw – fluency in Polish
    • Moscow – fluency in Russian.


  • What costs will I have to incur?

    Bain will cover all costs associated to joining this event.

  • Does an invitation to an event automatically qualify me for an internship/full-time position at Bain?

    An invitation to an event does not automatically qualify you for an internship or full-time job. However, it is a great first step towards getting to know us better and what management consulting is. 

    You can find information on internship and full time applications here.
  • Does a rejection for Bainworks also mean I'm also rejected from an internship or full time position at Bain?

    You are welcome and we encourage you to apply to our internships and/or full time positions regardless of the outcome of your application to Bainworks. We receive a large number of applications for Bainworks and have to apply strict selection criteria. 

    For further questions on our application process, Bainworks or Bain in general, please contact us.

  • What does the case study consist of?

    Based on the latest business topics and work we have done with our clients, the case study is an example of a real Bain client case. We hope it gives you a snapshot of what we do and how the days of a management consultant look like.

    This year, you will help the client embed sustainability in the core of their strategy and operations to make it a source of ongoing and increasing value, as the normal rules of business don’t stop when it comes to corporate responsibility!

    You will help the client address critical issues related to sustainability strategy, the environmental and social impact of operations, stakeholder engagement, and sustainability-related growth and cost opportunities. You will  develop a strategy that addresses social, environmental and economic issues while focusing on the areas that are integral to the core business strategy and will achieve a positive material impact.

    More precisely, you will address the plastics challenge! Plastics have changed the world. However, the rapid growth of middle-class and industrial economies has drastically increased the world's plastic consumption in recent decades – and infrastructure development has not kept pace. The result is a dramatic increase in plastic waste. Together, we can help end the flow of plastic waste into the environment. Are you up for the challenge?


  • What's Bain's position on diversity and inclusion?

    We believe a key factor to our success and the impact we make with our clients is due to the range of points of view and creativity Bain employees offer. That's why we want people from diverse backgrounds on our teams.

    We strive to recruit people with exceptional talent and ability - and to celebrate their differences. We develop and train them and then give them the opportunity to be the best they can be. We're committed to making Bain a place where everyone has the potential to succeed.

    Bain affinity groups are active networks that underscore our inclusive work environment by offering their members additional levels of connection via coaching, mentoring and professional development.

    Learn more about our diversity and inclusion.